What is Google Stadia? All You Need to Know.

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What is Google Stadia? All You Need to Know.

For all Gaming lovers, Google has great news for you. Google has just announced its Gaming platform called Google Stadia.

Google gaming service aims to take on the likes of Xbox and PlayStation.

It’s Google’s first take in the mainstream gaming industry, and Stadia may bring in a change with the current playing format like Playstation or Xbox

For more than 15 years any big brand came to the gaming industry.

It is a platform like Netflix or Amazon Prime that is cloud-based.


What Exactly Stadia is?

It is Googles cloud base gaming platform which does not have physical hardware.

Instead of physical hardware Google use their Data Center for playing the game. It is similar to Netflix or  Amazon  Prime.  You can play a game on your browser with the best quality. Google stadia is running on the resolution of up to 4K and at 60 frames per second.

How can I play on Stadia?

You can run Google Stadia on your Laptop or Desktop PC regardless of its configuration. You can run it on TV also but it required Chromcast. For Mobile Phone, it is only available on Google Pixel right now.

Stadia Controller:

Google Stadia

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Google also launch Controller for Stadia they called it as Stadia Controller. It gives a better experience for the user on the cloud-based gaming platform. This Stadia controller enhances the experience of gaming. Google provides 2 key buttons one is assistance that is Google Assistance- You can use assistance while playing the game.

Second is for Recording or live streaming of gaming.

The controller has an inbuilt microphone which helpful while assistance.

When will Google Stadia come to India?

Google yet to announce availability and pricing of the product.

Google first launch this product in the US, Canada and UK and later to Europe but there is no specific release date so far.

I think by the end of this year this will Be Launched in India(Hope So..)


Expert says the price of Google Stadia is base on a monthly basis like Netflix. or it may be included with Youtube premium membership.

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