Top SEO ranking factors in 2020| Google Ranking Factors

Top SEO ranking factors in 2019

Top SEO ranking factors in 2020| Google Ranking Factors

Hello Guys,
Today in this article we will discuss SEO Ranking factors.
Here you will get information about how to rank your website/blog on Google.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the procedure to follow to rank your site on Google.
SEO is very important for Google ranking and it ultimately results to generate traffic on your site

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Let’s see some important SEO ranking factors

1. Choose a top level domain

A domain is a name for your website(
Your domain must be a top level domain, not sub-level domain. If you use free domain form WordPress ( Blogger it will not rank your website on google.
Many people created free domain just for there online presence but it won’t work.. better you can choose a proper domain name from a site like GoDaddy, Namecheap etc.
It will cost around 600700 INR/Year. that means around 50-60 INR /Month and all that mean around 2-3 INR / Day. I will suggest you if you do not want to spend 2-3 Rs/day for your website then better to skip your website. As I told early here google will rank website fast if it has a top-level domain.

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2. Domain Age:

Domain age is nothing but how old your domain was as simple as that.
For SEO ranking factors domain age plays a crucial role.
Did you know: around 60% of the sites that have a top ten Google search ranking are three years old or more?
If you want to buy domain then try to invest at least 3 to 4 years.

3.Keyword in TDL:

A keyword is one of the major factors for google ranking. If your main keyword is present in TDL(Top Level Domain)it is very good. Google will recognize your site as on that keyword.
If your keyword domain name not available then at least try to keep your keyword in starting of the domain name it will help you.
For Example, your website is for “Gardening” then try to capture domain for a garden like If these are not available then try to use Garden keyword at starting like, etc.

4. Exact Match Domain:

If you search Swanand Joshi on google you will get website at the top that is called an exact match domain. just try it:}

5. Country TDL Extension:

country TDL extension like .in ,.us, .nz etc.If you choose a domain like this then google will give upper to rank but for only that country region. For example, is my website. It has .in extension google will rank this site in India.
But if you want visitors from a foreign country then this domain has limitations.
use .com .org .net etc extension domain for ranking globally

6.Keyword in a title tag, heading tag and metatag description:

In SEO ranking factors keyword plays an important role as we read earlier.
Your keyword must be present in the Title tag(If you want to rank your blog then Your keyword should be present in the title tag)
The same way your keyword should present in Heading tag i.e H1 to H6 and meta tag also.


Content is king… If your content is proper and it has enough words (1000 to 2000) then it has more chances to google algorithm will rank your site then shorter content site. but keep in mind do not write useless to increase the length of a blog.

8.Page Speed(AMP):

page speed is important SEO ranking factor. If your page contains heavy data it obviously loads slowly. So it is better to optimize your page content so it becomes easy for google algorithm. You can use accelerated mobile pages for better speed. Do not use heavy images, videos

9.Mobile Friendly:

Mobile friendliness is another major SEO ranking factor. Your site must be responsive. If your site is not mobile friendly then your content or website does not show properly and it leads toward failure for Google bot. Google did not crawl incorrect data so your ranking may affect.


Google always give preference for a secured website then the non-secured website. Security means Installing SSL Certificate You can see it on Google (Before your website URL).
If you install SSL certificate then HTTPS is present in Green color otherwise HTTP is present.

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What is a link? A link is a relationship between two things. The WEB is built on links so eventually links are main SEO Ranking Factors.
There are several types

1. Outbound Links-

This are linked (another Website) which you point on your website. (Another website links on your website).

2. Inbound Links-

It is also known as backlinks. It is a very crucial SEO ranking factor. Website SEO majorly depends upon how to develop backlinks for your site. If you have high-quality backlinks then it is good for your SEO

3.Internal Links-

Internal linking is necessary for your page weight.

12. UI and UX:

Now recent days UI and UX become important for google ranking. If you see all top sites on google has very good User Interaction and User Experience. So if you want to rank your website on google do work on UI and UX.

13.Social Sharing:

Yes, social sharing is also important for your SEO. If you share your blog then it might generate a decent amount of traffic to your website. This traffic gives a good ranking in google search.

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14.User Browsing History:

You’ve probably noticed this yourself websites that you visit frequently get a SERP boost for your searches.

15. Public V / s Private WhoIs:

If you use Private WhoIS then Google will think you are hiding something and its effects to your Google ranking. if you use private WhoIs then you may trouble for online payment also.
So it would be better if you have your Domain with Private WhoIs, then just ask your Domain Registrar to update your Domain Name to Public WhoIs, or if you can do this yourself Login to your Domain A / c and update your Domain for Public WhoIs Information.
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That’s it!! Now your know important SEO ranking factors.
There are many other small factors but we will see after some time. Till then read article share it with your friends and do comments if have any query… Cheers!!


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