How Artificial Intelligence influence in Digital Marketing:New era in Digital Marketing.

How Artificial Intelligence influence in Digital Marketing


We are in 2019-the digital age. The world has come a long way in terms of technology. There are many technologies are getting attention day by day.
Between this Artificial Intelligence getting stronger today. You may hear about Amazon Alexa, Google Home they work on Artificial Intelligence. Today AI plays an important role in our life. We use map, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple products and many more..all these depends on AI. AI is everywhere now!!
AI can transform Digital Marketing to new heights. Today Digital Marketing is a major platform for a business owner to build their brand or promote their products .so let’s see something about some AI and DM

What is Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Digital Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence: it is the branch of computer science that deals with intelligence machines behave like human…
In a simple way, it is an intelligent machine which acts like a human.
AI empower machine to think, respond to or perform tasks like a human.

Machine Learning: It is the subset of AI that enables machines to automatically learn and improve the experience. In short, a machine can learn their own.

Deep Learning: It is a subset of Machine Learning that imitates the working of the human brain in processing data and pattern for use in decision making.

AI Impact on DM:

In 2015 Google rolled our RankBrain algorithm which is a machine learning system that capable of returning better answer to the user. Rankbrain utilizes AI for understanding queries and showing better results.

Google Business sangliThis indirectly affects of Field of Digital Marketing.
With effective data analysis and better input ability AI taking charge over a human.
Brands and Marketers are using AI to minimize their efforts for Digital Marketing.



A chatbot is the biggest example of AI. They act like a virtual assistant.
Chatbots are software that can have chats (Conversion) with the help of AI. A chatbot is awarded 2017’s new marketing channel.
Chatbot gives response to customer queries.
For example: See swanandjoshi

artificial intelligence in sangliI provide services like Digital Marketing, Website Development, SEO and Social Media Management.
When You open website you will see a chat option pop up in the bottom right corner. Then it will ask a question like “Which service do you want?” You need to choose one or more services from the checklist.
Then Chat will ask you about your Name, Phone Number and Email-Id one by one and you need to feel it a proper answer.
When you submit that chat, an email will be sent to me regarding those responses.
This is a small example of chatbot which uses AI technology.

Chatbots are very good technology to engage with the human client.
Product recommendation
Chatbots can assist customer 24*7 and they can retain customer data.
The use of chatbot is still at a basic level .near future this must be updated.
Chatbot provider: ManyChat, collect chat etc.

Image recognition

We use Image recognition is software. It is an AI tool for Business to improve customer experience.
Image Recognition has been around for a while and you have experienced it on Facebook when a friend was automatically tagged in a photo you posted.

Content creation

Search engine use AI driven technology to show better results according to the customer.
Content is a King”. You use content marketing for your business. Content Marketing is a major marketing technique for promoting your business. Content can be an article consisting of lots of words and read as a human brain.

artificial intelligence content
Creating a quality content main task for content creators. It required good quality skill to write better content. With the help of AI-driven Tools, you can create good quality content.
There are many tools which can help you in content creation.

1. Acrolinx:

it helps you to produce great content with the only AI platform for enterprise content creation. They create content for a big brand like Facebook, IBM, Nestle etc.

2. Grammarly:

It is wildly used tool for content creation. This tool can help you with grammar correction.

To use Grammarly click here.

3. some other are quill, Wordsmith, Articolo

Personalized Product Recommendation:

Many big brands like Amazon Flipkart use AI driven technology for a personalized product recommendation. They track customers preferences, behavior and other things. This will help them to show product suggestion to their customer.
Example: If you search for shoes on Amazon. They will suggest you another shoe. If you interested to buy loafers and confirm one shoe then Amazon will show you recommended shoes at the bottom.
In some case, you will see that advertise of your shoe will be displayed on the Facebook timeline which you are looking for.

Targeting the right audience

In tradition marketing, it was very hard to target the right audience for your business. It includes a geographic region or gender or age etc.
But now with the help of AI tools, you can target the right audience for your business promotion. AI can penetrate a larger amount of data which accessible through various sources and help Digital Marketers to reach the right audience based on region, age, interest, etc.


Artificial Intelligence is great technology which you must use for your brand marketing.
Using AI for Digital Marketing will give you high-quality customer experience and detail analysis of your campaign.
AI technology is upgrading with day by day and you need to understand its benefits of that. It will definitely reduce human errors and work with more efficient.
If you are using any AI tool for your business or product please comment down below.
Thanks, and cheers

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